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  • Work with Me

    Change your life in three months.

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    3 Month Program

    12 individual weekly health coaching sessions + pantry purge + meal planning assistance.


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    Group Coaching

    Put together a group of 6-8 friends, family members or co-workers.

    Price TBD

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    Family Health ReBoot

    6 sessions of family health coaching, + pantry clean out, shopping trips and strategies for family meals.


  • My Approach

    What does healthy really mean?

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    Thrive on our species-appropriate diet.

    Eat whole, unprocessed animal foods in abundance.

    Humans have thrived on animal foods for millions of years because they are the most nutrient-dense foods available. My approach is tailored to your life and your body because you are your own best laboratory! It's time to take the stress out of eating and get back to nourishing ourselves. I focus on whole, unprocessed ancestral and animal foods.


    I can help educate you on what foods and lifestyle factors are important for optimum health. Rather than generic "healthy eating", my program will ensure that you are primed for real health by focusing on nutrient-dense whole animal foods. Heal hormonal imbalances, eliminate sugar addiction, and improve digestion and gut health by focusing on healthy sources of protein and fat. 

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    The body will heal itself, given half a chance.

    I believe passionately in the body's ability to heal. The body wants to heal, but the body can only make do with what it's given. Poor choices in diet, sleep habits, toxic surroundings (including toxic people!) and chronic stress can easily overwhelm us. I can help you take a step back, reassess what your body is telling you and make necessary changes to start living your best life.


    If you suffer from an autoimmune disease, or a suspected autoimmune disease, my AIP coaching will empower you in your healing. We will take a deep dive into diet and lifestyle factors that are contributing to imbalances.

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    Primary & Secondary Food

    Surprise! Food and nutrition aren't the only causes of poor health.

    Through my studies at IIN, I cemented an understanding of health that I had myself experienced as a coaching client. Yes, I made changes in how and what I was eating, but that was just the beginning. Healthy meals are important, but so is a healthy conversation around the table. And healthy sleep habits. And the community with which you surround yourself. All of these factors and more are Primary Food for your life. Thankfully, secondary food, the food you eat, can profoundly inform your life. Increased energy, pain reduction, and a boost in mental health all result from eating a nourishing, ancestral-based diet. I believe in the power of animal foods to heal our bodies.

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    Good health isn't a zero-sum game.

    Health isn't a destination. It's the vehicle.

    My goal is for you to not need me! You will be able to identify the areas of your life and health that need the most attention. It is my hope that your health soars as a vehicle to carry you along on a joyful ride. It's not all-or-nothing; it's an ever-expanding understanding of yourself and your body. Let's get buckled up.

  • Testimonials

    What my clients have said about working with me

    Michael S., 6 Month Coaching Client

    "Lilah is a born coach in that she is genuinely committed to the success of her clients.The attention she gave throughout our work together was steady and passionate. She was always searching for solutions that engendered growth, well-being, and personal health."

    Shira N, 6 Month Coaching Client

    "I learned so much game-changing nutritional knowledge, never feeling judged as a beginner but always honored for my willingness and commitment."

    “What a gift to feel so uplifted and warmly supported by the incredible care, enlightening wisdom and fun-loving nature of such a shining, loving, down to earth and joyful being and leader as Lilah. Deep gratitude and appreciation to her for helping me transform my life through eating and being such a nurturing, devoted cheerleader and champion every step of the way. Although my sessions with her complete, the care I feel ongoing and all I’ve learned and grown with is everlasting.”

    Lee D., 6 Month Coaching Client

    "Lilah’s work is deeply personal, and helps connect the reasons for unhealthy relationships with food, so that you can make positive choices. You become your own advocate, and learn to treat yourself with love. At the end of the day, my relationship with eating and health has never been better, and I feel equipped to take care of myself moving forward. It has been invaluable."

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